Wowow RaceViz catalogue • photo

Wowow RaceViz catalogue

Wowow Reflective Wear, Belgium's #1 brand of high-viz sportswear, assigned me to shoot the catalogue of their newest RaceViz collection. The goal was to deliver key lifestyle images of three types of cyclists: commuter Björn Matthys, long distance cyclyst Rudy Rollenberg and the professional UCI womens cycling team Lensworld-Kuota. Lighting these shots came with a rub: to show the reflectiveness of the high-viz clothing, the fill light had to be on axis with the camera for it to show. However, given the dynamic range of today's DSLR's, I often opted to stick to my familiar cross-lighting setup, and pulled up the highlights in post-production. This choice also gave my client maximum flexibility if a shot were to be reused with a different look later on and, more importantly, it also sped up the entire production. Mind you that we canned each of the shoots within a two-hour time frame.


Björn Matthys - Knipperhoek Denderhoutem

For these shots I used an orange-gelled softbox camera right and a yellow-gelled speedlight as a rim light. This last one I used to mimic the light emitted by car headlights. I also used Hypersync, which allowed me to dim the ambient light and also freeze the rider in action while allowing for a wide-open aperture and thus a narrow depth-of-field.

Ultra long distance cyclist Rudy Rollenberg - Blaarmeersen Ghent


For this shoot, I came up with a plan to create a day-for-night setting. That's right, we simulated dusk on a sunny afternoon in a pretty crowded park in Ghent. I used an orange-gelled speedlight with a shoot through reflector in front. Pro-tip: bring an assistant for this. 

Lensworld-Kuota cycling team - Kluisbergen

We followed this womens UCI team on a training ride along the outskirts of Oudenaarde. A mid-ride coffee chat/interview doubled as a pretty authentic photo scene.

Lastly some real world examples; printed life-size at the Circuit Zolder launch event and a full-page ad in Grinta! Magazine: