A&L Jeubis • photo


Portraying an industrial aerosol company

Last september, A&L Jeubis reached out to me to shoot the imagery for their new website. A&L Jeubis specializes in filling spray cans and liquid packs and has a solid reputation in Belgium in this regard. At a first glance, these processes might seem monotonous and dull. But look a little closer and things get peculiar.


CTO and CTB gells add vibrance to an otherwise gray factory.


A&L Jeubis also runs it's own laboratory to synthesize products. In the image below I used magenta and green color gels to give a hint of the chemistry going on.


Lastly, I had to portray the company's production manager and CEO. But, since I was shooting the factory hall on a Saturday, I only had these people to myself for a couple of minutes. So I set up my gridded softbox for some Rembrandt lighting style portraits and got the job done in two minutes flat.